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Monday started out with a bang! Gina and Claire hosted a fun-filled get together with the culinary delights of Gina's Chicken Suprema, great wine, and spirited conversation. Orfeo and Vic got into quite a religious debate and the kids played video games and got acquainted.

Tuesday the kids spent most of the day swimming in the pool, playing Nintendo, and goofing around. Some of the family went golfing while others enjoyed the sun at the pool and the beach. Tuesday night Carla prepared a feast fit for a Befera as Victor, Bruce, and Carla hosted quite a celebration.

Wednesday we boarded the Befera Famiglia Bus. The trip took us to Hibbing and Chisholm where we visited the old Befera home, Hibbing High School, Hibbing Mineview, Ironworld Discovery Center, and other points of interest.

Then we all enjoyed dinner at Valentini's Supper Club. Thanks to Steven Gold for footing the bill for everyone.

Thursday most of the family spent the day by the pool, playing bocce ball, and taking rides on a "cross your fingers we make it back" pontoon boat Vic rented. We capped the night off with a fabulous fresh walleye dinner courtesy of Tim and his friend Brad (fish delivery man).

After dinner there was still time to talk genealogy, smoke cigars, and enjoy a warm night on the deck.

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Reunion - August 6-8, 2002 in Minnesota USA