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Dear Beferaeans -

And they said it couldn't be done! We are back in California, tired but happy. Thank you to all who made the effort to get together. It was simply sublime, and perhaps the best part is knowing that our kids now know one another and can plan their own reunions in the years ahead.

Each and every one of you have a standing open invitation to visit us in Palo Alto. Just let us know how many beds to make up, and I'll start boiling water for pasta.  I cannot say how great it was to see you all. There is a movement afoot to have the next one in California -- we're game!

- Carla and Bruce


Hello to all you wonderful cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews -

We share Carla and Bruce's sentiments and only wish we had done this long before! It was a special time and we are already enjoying the memories through photos. Can't wait to share them online with all of you. Frankie said to e-mail everything to him so we will be doing that as soon as we get a chance.

We are currently in Baraboo with Mom and Dad, having our own family reunion (nothing as elaborate as ours at Quadna). My brothers are so sorry to have missed it as are the other relatives who were unable to attend.

Thanks again to all who made this possible--especially "The Admiral", Carla and family and of course Uncle Vic, without whose inspiration this would never have transpired. The food, drink, conversation and trips down memory lane were wonderful and will be treasured forever.

We look forward to seeing the California Befera’s this fall and the rest of you much more frequently than in the past. Please stay in touch--we love you all!

- Ciao, Susan, Marc and Maddy

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